The United Kingdom is considered to be one of the most lucrative places for entrepreneurs in the world in 2021.  Uk offers a robust and business friendly environment to entrepreneurs. The UK has been ranked as one of the ideal locations for expanding business globally. However, starting a business could be very challenging, but the ease of operating a business and strong market trends are two major reasons for overseas companies investing in the United Kingdom.

UK visa allows an individual to travel to the United Kingdom for business operations. Business Immigration to the United Kingdom has become so demanding and convenient in 2021 as the government has removed the Tier-1 entrepreneur visa.  Furthermore, the country has relaxed Uk business immigration for business owners. We must know that the success rate for business immigration to the UK is almost 85% which is too high for expanding the business successfully. UK Residency assists you with making your Business Plan Write up and getting you an Endorsement as a Third-party. In addition, we have Free consultation and an experienced team of innovator visa lawyers.

Opening up a company in the UK requires a number of requirements which should be taken into account. Before expanding an overseas business to the United Kingdom, we must know the whole process of commercial immigration for the United Kingdom:

  1. Setting up a Subsidiary in the UK

The most common form of starting a business entity in the UK is a Limited Company or Subsidiary. A Limited Company is a legal entity that is owned by directors and shareholders. The profits earned by a Subsidiary company are prone to UK Taxes.

Setting up a Subsidiary company of your business has become so easy with UK which is your smart gateway to the United Kingdom. UK Residency offers your faster access to commercial immigration, family immigration, student visa, work visa. Not only this, the company provides accountancy and legal services as well.


  1. UK Sole Representative Visa

UK Residency is an expert immigration firm that is giving its client a quick processing service to the Sole Representative visa within three weeks. For getting a Sole Representative visa, you must own an overseas business. You should have sufficient money to support yourself. You must meet the English Requirement i.e., CEFR Level A1.


  1. UK innovator visa

You can apply for an Innovator visa if you have an innovative business and the business idea should be endorsed by the Endorsing body. The business idea is viable and it must have the potential for immense growth. UK Residency offers the faster commercial immigration to the applicants.

  1. UK investor visa

At UK Residency, the eligibility criteria for a UK investor visa is to have opened an account at a UK bank. In addition, you must have at least £2,000,000 investment funds to apply for the Investor visa. As a part of the application, required documents must be submitted in time.


  1. UK Start-up visa

UK Residency offers you a Start-up visa which gives you 2 years of stay. You can also switch to an Innovator visa. The requirements are submitting documents and meeting the English Language criteria. Our expert UK immigration team is going to help you with your UK Start-up Visa.

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