Who doesn’t want to visit, study or settle or expand business to the United Kingdom?

Every one of us wants to secure UK visa.

Yay!!! Good news is that the visa policy has become flexible and less strict than before.  However, there could be numerous reasons behind UK visa rejection. Before applying make sure that you are well prepared with all required documents needed to proceed an application.

 What are the Reasons behind UK visa rejection?

Reasons for UK visa rejection vary for individuals. Sometimes they can be pretty specific for one member only. We know a person who got his visa rejected because he had a suspicious picture claiming his participation in a protest against the country.

The UK visa Rejection also depends on what type of visa you are applying for. This means UK tier 2 visa rejection reasons can vary from UK tier 4 visa rejection reasons. Let’s not dive deep and have a look at some of the common reasons, why you are not welcome?

Because you had

  • Extended or vague travel plan
  • Lack of approval from the employer
  • Unsatisfactory bank history
  • Less travel history
  • Lack of information in the application, missed documents, or hidden information
  • Have violated the Visa term in past
  • No upgrade from last visa refusal

What do these rejection reasons mean?

Some of these things might not have gotten your attention before but you need to be well prepared while applying for a UK visa. Their scrutiny process is stern and hence the most secure one in the world. Let’s see where you failed?

An extended or vague travel plan means the duration of your stay must match the reason that you provided to obtain UK visa. For example, if you are applying for tourism, it needs a few days. An extended travel plan raises questions against your visa application and can result in rejection.

Provide a detailed travel plan and travel history to make sure your application is accepted. For a student visa mention how long is your degree and in which city you will stay. Similarly, for tourism mention the city and places you intend to visit. Travel history proves that you don’t intend to stay illegally in the UK. As you have visited places in past had a chance but you came back so this time it’s ok to trust you again.  

Bank history includes Bank statements to provide financial security that you can afford living in the UK and will not rely on social funds. Also, you are not going to obtain illegal work there. Especially when applying for UK immigration, many people borrow money to raise and maintain their account activity. You need to prove that you can afford UK travel without borrowing money from someone else.

If the UK embassy will find any suspicious amount that is not backed up by a valid reason,  your UK visa application will be rejected. Salary slips ensure that you have desired amount covering all the expenses from departure till return. Also, you must have twice the amount in your savings as you require for your UK travel. This is also important while applying for a UK business visa.

Lack of approval from the employer means if you are applying for a visit visa, your employer approves that you are currently working with them. This is a type of guarantee that you will resume your job after the visit. Hence you are not planning to stay in the UK permanently.

Don’t leave any stone unturned to convince the visa officer that you deserve this UK visa. If there is any additional information that needed to be addressed,  mention it in a very effective and convincing way in your cover letter. If you are a student, you must provide all the academic records and documents from your sponsor.

Similarly, if you are to visit your fiancée, mention that you don’t intend to marry during your visit, etc.  Also, detailed information like billing address and financial statements from the sponsor will be required to prove the authenticity of your application.

The world is interconnected nowadays and hiding information like visa refusal from another country can lead to visa rejection in the UK too. Honesty is the best policy indeed!

When you can apply for UK visa again?

You might worry about the chances of getting a UK visa after refusal. Although you can re-apply right after receiving your rejection letter it’s better to wait for some months before applying again. This also provides ground that you have worked on reasons that led to rejection in the first place.

Happy Applying For UK Visa With UK Residency!

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