The United Kingdom offers a quality life to those who desire it. Recently, the government has included a few new immigration routes to their visa policy. This will help to accommodate more deserving citizens in the UK. In the article, we will learn about  new immigration routes 2022 to the United kingdom.

What are the new immigration routes from 2022 to the United kingdom?

The coming year promises more study, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities through new immigration routes. UK New immigration system has included the following routes in UK visa policy 2022

  • Scale-up Visa route

This route is set to be included in policy in mid-2022 and it aims to bring business opportunities and skilled individuals to the UK. Only language proficiency tests and high-skilled job offers will be required to get this visa. Moreover, the UK business offering a job must meet the criteria of a growing company.

  • Global business mobility visa

A global business mobility visa allows individuals to set and establish their business in the UK. This will encourage global companies to shift and operate their business in the UK. It is a step forward to boost the UK economy too.

  • Global talent network

This route is also set to launch in 2022 and will allow the UK science and technology sectors to expand and grow. Under this policy, different research institutions will segregate the required talent. Through the global entrepreneur program every year 100 entrepreneurs will get a chance to enter the UK market to showcase their talents.

  • High potential individual route

Immigration changes 2022 make sure that there will be no requirement for a job letter for those who qualify for the high potential individual route. Also UK student visa new rules guarantee that any individual who has graduated from a top global university will be able to get this visa. They will also have an option to extend their UK visa and settle in the UK.

  • Innovator Route

Any individual able to present a promising business proposal that is expected to grow and expand will be able to get an innovator route. Also, people who have business ideas to improve the existing business in the UK will be welcomed.

This route will allow individuals to bring their potential to the UK without limiting them to show £50K as an investment fund. The individual will also be able to expand and work outside his primary business source. Those who are eligible for the global entrepreneur program will automatically be eligible for this route.

  • Youth mobility scheme

Set to launch in January 2022, the youth mobility scheme will allow the UK government to skim the young potential from India and Iceland. The scheme will allow them to live, study and work in the UK for 2 years. These citizens will be able to reap the benefits of this route without sponsorship from UK institutions or individuals.

  • International sportsperson route

This route allows professional sportspeople to travel in the UK through sponsorship and endorsements.

  • UK immigration route for illegal immigrants

Two things have been added in the UK visa policy to bring the illegal immigrants under the legal shelter. Asylum and giving temporary residence to illegal citizens under indefinite leave to remain condition. This route also allows reuniting refugees to their families. However illegal citizens will be granted fewer rights because of their illegal attempt to remain in the UK.

How are the new UK immigration routes in 2022 helpful?

The new UK immigration routes have expanded the horizon of opportunities. They do not only ease visa policies but have allowed attracting bright talent from all over the world to the UK. This will bring deserving potential in different businesses and skills categories.

However, critics claim that there is a certain limitation in that. Any business that does not fall under the UK govt. The category of “innovative” or “growing “does not count in this policy. Overall, these new routes will add great manpower and abilities to the UK economy.

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