Britain has become one of the best destinations in the world to start a business. People are excited in moving their businesses to the United Kingdom. According to rankings compiled by Start-up Genome, London scored highly for funding, talent and connections, despite the wreckage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. London’s tech start-ups received $10.8 billion in the first six months of 2021, close to the $10.9 billion raised in the whole of 2020.UK start-ups have raised a record €17.2bn from VC funds, more than the €14bn in all of 2020.

A number entrepreneurs from African countries including Nigeria, Somalia, and Sudan have achieved success in launching their start-up in the United Kingdom. Young entrepreneur from Nigeria are successfully expanding their businesses to Britain. It means that post pandemic era has not stopped the UK immigration.

African nations are conquering United Kingdom after securing their UK Sole Representative visa.

Nigerians Moving to the United Kingdom

UK Residency explores how Nigerian entrepreneurs are making their mark in the United Kingdom. These remarkable business players provide fascinating, and varied accounts, of what has worked and what hasn’t. What they all have in common is that they have focused sharply on the UK market. Although they appreciate their African roots, they are taking on British business on foreign turf and winning by adding value as an investor.

The value of trade between UK and Nigeria is currently valued at about  £8 billion which speaks volume for establishing tech-start up and unicorns in the UK. The UK and Nigeria have an excellent commercial relationship with over £6.1 billion worth of trade per year; it is also the 2nd largest African market for goods. UK companies are extremely well-known in Nigeria, and UK brands (especially luxury goods) are in very high demand.

Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest economy and biggest oil producer, and also has a growing populace of over 180 million – the largest in Africa. With an abundance of natural resources, and a growing middle class, Nigeria’s economic potential is highly considerable.

The good news is that British Government has decided to accept Naira payments from Nigerian entrepreneurs which is a landmark achievement for Nigeria. It will enhance more transfer of technology between the two nations. The UK government has launched UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and iNOVO Accelerator Programme for early start-ups focusing on innovative solutions. Hence, it is the right time to grab your UK start-up visa and begin building your own tech-start up in Britain.

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The success stories of Nigerians are to be discussed in the new blog post who have successfully got their UK Business Visa.

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