Multinational companies have begun launching their branch offices in the United Kingdom. There are multiple benefits of starting a business. There is a motivation to reach more than 500 million consumers in Europe due to its suitable time zone.

As a consequence, when are you taking your business to the United Kingdom, we have to keep in mind the reasons for launching business which are as follows:

  1. Ease of Operating branch office in the United Kingdom

The ease of doing business in the United kingdom is one of the major reason. According to World Bank, the UK has become the highest ease of doing businesses. If we look for the opportunities in the UK. In addition, the restrictions to launch a new company are relatively lower than other countries. The UK is one of the coolest and convenient places to operate a business. Besides this, it is one of the cheapest destination to run a company. Moreover, the UK government is emphasizing on overhauling ways of entrepreneurship. It would be easy to hire as the United Kingdom has a vast pool of talented youth. The United Kingdom is the first stop for global business expansion.

If you hire a reliable organization for your immigration solutions such as UK Residency, you will be having an easier time to settling down in the United kingdom within 90 days as UK Residency offers you the smart migration in the small time period.

     2. Taxation System

The UK company is subjected to pay 19% corporate tax on its income.

The exceptional motivation for setting up a business in the United Kingdom is low rate of business tax.

A new category of visa has been created to enter the UK and set-up a company. The minimum investment for launching a branch office is you should have £50,000 in your bank deposit. UK Residency is the only platform  which will provide you workable and legitimate business immigration services. Our team of business immigration advisors has experience in assisting employers and skilled workers across a variety of industries and in companies of all sizes. From skilled workers looking to take up new opportunities in the UK, to employees of multinational companies transferring to the UK branch and senior employees of overseas businesses seeking to establish a UK branch or subsidiary, to practice your innovation as an entrepreneur in the UK, we can help ensure that your career progresses in full compliance with the UK immigration law.

     3. Ideal Infrastructure for doing business in the United Kingdom

The ongoing infrastructure developments are an impetus to grow your business and expand to the UK. The country has the largest transport system with all resources energy, telecommunication and IT. This ideal infrastructure is paving the way to mass immigration to the world’s best destination i.e. United Kingdom.

Are you ready to operate your business in the United kingdom?

Whatever industry or market on your mind, our extraordinary Business Team at UK Residency will provide you exceptional services for business immigration at an affordable cost.

Reach out to UK Residency today and let’s make it happen together without any delay. Your overseas business representative visa is only one call away from you. UK Residency is offering you immigration solutions 24/7 all over the world with more than 40 offices in the world.



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