The new Immigration Routes package, which is focused on Global Business Mobility, has introduced a new route: The Global Business Mobility – UK Expansion Worker. Other routes that are a part of this package include High Potential, Graduate Trainee, Secondment Worker, Service Supplier, and Senior or Specialist Worker. This package is introduced for the businesses willing to expand into the UK by sending their senior management.

UK Expansion Worker route will not lead to settlement. This route is a two-year grant of leave. The applicant can apply to extend his stay for up to five years within a period of six years in this category as well as in other Global Mobility Categories. However, the term spent in this category won’t count towards settlement in the UK. This problem can be overcome by switching to a different route that leads to settlement. Sponsorship is needed to apply for this immigration route as well.

The overseas employers need to hold a Sponsor License before they start the process of expanding their business in the UK. The shareholding limit isn’t applicable anymore, but there is the requirement of the opening to not be created exclusively for individuals as a means to enter and stay in the UK. The other requirements include the employee having a 12-month prior work experience with the overseas company, being a high earner (with a salary of £73,900), or a Japanese national according to special provisions.

A specific standard salary of at least £42,000 needs to be paid to the applicants under a specific job code. This means lesser flexibility to small business applicants, but a higher certainty for them to be paid at least a set amount. No specific set salary was needed to be paid to the applicant under the Representative of an Overseas Business route.

While not all discretions have been removed, apart from making sure that the job has not been created to facilitate UK migration, the Home Office also needs to consider the following requirements:

  • An applicant needs to have proper qualification, experience, and skill set for the said job
  • The interest of the said sponsor in the described job
  • If the sponsor going to pay appropriately to the worker, which will be based on his prior compliance process and experience of the sponsor with the immigration office and system
  • Lastly, any additional information that might be needed from the sponsor.

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