Submitting the right business plan is key when applying for a UK Business Visa. To be successful in your application, you must have an innovative business idea to bring to the UK market and at least £50,000 of investment. Receiving an endorsement from a relevant body is crucial, and depends on the strength of your business plan.

Not everyone knows the importance of drafting a good business plan; however, it brings a lot of advantages and helps your organization and ideas to succeed. No matter what type of company you have or why you need a business plan, UK Residency will help you draft and prepare it according to British standards, in proper and correct English.

Many businesses will offer business plans that focus on running a UK business but they fail to address essential areas that we address including immigration, employment, and sponsorship compliance plus, a road-map to obtaining UK settlement status and meeting all the immigration rules.

The endorsing body will approve your Business Plan Draft. You will have to provide a financial forecast and a structure to demonstrate that your business is going in the right direction throughout the visa duration.

We strongly recommend having a business plan in place when applying for an Innovator visa, Start-up visa, and a Representative of an Overseas Business visa. Drafting business plans for entrepreneurs and sole reps are our specialty; we do it in a fast and efficient manner.

Now the good news is that Global Business Mobility Visa is Launching on the 11th of April 2022, which includes various kinds of business visa routes.

At UK Residency, we are drafting customized Business Plans for our valuable clients applying for this specific new Global Mobility route.

Another purpose of a good business plan is to secure investment or a loan from a bank, including through private investments, private capital, venture capital, bank financing, or crowdfunding. It helps to eliminate risks and guarantees a return on investment in due course.

A business plan is often an answer to already existing organizations in need of restructuring, development, expansion, modernization, and improvements. It is some kind of a management roadmap that can help make decisions in terms of the future development of the company, expansion plans, etc.

If you intend to set up your own company, alone or with a partner, a good way to start is to write a business plan. It needs to be quite detailed in describing your targeted markets and customers, marketing and sales plans, and financial forecasts. A proper business plan will help you to pinpoint all strengths and weaknesses of your business idea, forecast how it will be developing, do detailed budgeting, distribute resources in the right way, set goals, address potential issues, and minimize risks.

We offer Drafting Business Plans for the following types:

  1. Innovator Visa
  2. Start-up Visa
  3. Global Mobility Visa
  4. Investor Visa
  5. Sole Representative Visa

What Criteria Should Your Business Plan Meet for Global Business Mobility Visa?


Your business idea must be original and exciting, offering something completely new and unique to the UK market. If your business idea itself is really strong, it will be easier to create an innovative business plan.

Some key things to consider covering in your business plan include, what makes it different from anything else that is currently available and trading, how your product or business is business savvy, and evidence you have undertaken in-depth market gap analysts to show how your business or product would fit into the current market.


Having a strong idea is a great start, however, your proposal alone will not get you the endorsement you need, and therefore it is important that you can demonstrate your business’ capacity for growth.

Areas to cover here would include, a breakdown of funding, especially if you already have some or all of the investment needed and where you will acquire further finance from, a list of markets you would want to break into, and what resources would be required for this and strategies for promotion.


Do you have the knowledge and skills to make your idea work? You must present your business plan as a founder that will be at the forefront of the business and heavily involved in the day-to-day operations. Ensure you set achievable goals and outcomes for your business and provide a clear plan on how you will drive towards them.

Examples of what you could include here would be your experience and transferable skills, education and training, and research about your target audience and industry market.

Our Expert Business Plan Writers

In bringing a business to the UK market, non-EEA nationals are required to attain a business visa in order to establish their business or start-up. Whereas, our Business Plan writers can help you in it as our team is fully equipped & well-trained in making all kinds of business visa plans.

At UK Residency, our experienced writers and financial analysts have done a number of start-ups, innovators, and Sole representative business plans so far. However, Visa-compliant business plan writing can be a tricky task; where UK Residency excels in removing the pressure, curating a unique visa business plan for your start-up or innovation venture, and providing you with the expertise you need to successfully deliver your business to the UK market.

An innovator visa business plan is required for more experienced business owners and must sum up how and why your business will be a success in the UK market. Innovator visa business plans are detailed, yet succinct, bringing the best of your business to a new international audience. UK Residency’s business plan writers are made up of experienced business professionals — we know how to make visa business plan writing for innovators simple, but highly effective.

Structure of a Business Plan

You’re already halfway there if you have a strong idea, but how you put your ideas across in your business plan is key to a successful application. Be sure to lay things out in a logical and coherent structure, as this makes it much easier for potential endorsers to see your innovative idea in full.

Some key areas to include:

  • An executive summary – and introduction to you and your proposal
  • Description of your business idea
  • Organisation structure and legal considerations
  • Product or service description
  • Location Research
  • Management Plan
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing and promotion plans
  • Competitor analysis – looking at any opportunities that you can exploit
  • Finances and budget
  • Risk management


Briefing On Global Business Mobility Visa

The Global Business Mobility visa is a combined new category of sponsored routes for overseas businesses seeking to establish a presence in the UK or to transfer staff, for specific business purposes. These proposed new routes will be open to applicants on 11 April 2022.

The new visa will essentially create a multi-category sponsored route that will reform and expand on a number of existing business visas, including the two types of Intra-Company visas, the Representative of an Overseas Business visa, and visas for contractual service providers and independent professionals under the Temporary Work – International Agreement route. It will also provide a brand new route for overseas workers to be seconded by their overseas employer to the UK, as part of a high-value contract or investment.

If you are looking to bring an innovative start-up to the UK, get in touch with one of our advisors today. We can give you step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process, from application to settling in the UK.

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