According to the Home office, the UK scale-up visa route is set to be launched after mid-2022. This visa will open doors of opportunity for people all over the world.  The UK scale-up Visa  will allow skilled people to come and settle in the UK. This is a chance for deserving people where the best ones will get to settle in one of the world’s most desired destinations. Sheer heaven!

What is a UK scale-up visa?

Uk has recently launched a new policy which will give point-based routes to skilled people to get UK visas. They can now come and work in the UK without a sponsorship letter from someone else.  All they need is to show their proof of employment in a scale-up UK firm with a salary of £33,000. Through this visa route, the UK will skim up global talent which will accelerate the economy. This is a smart move indeed.

Who can apply for a scale-up Visa?

Any adept person with either a skilled job offer or a high academic record can apply for a scale-up visa. This visa route allows firms and companies to hire global talent. They just need to prove that their firm is doing good for the past three years and has an employment growth of 20%. The firm must have a minimum of 10 employees to start with. So start searching a list of scale-up companies in the UK.

Benefits of UK scale up Visa- all you need to know about

The scale-up visa allows experts in a different field to come to the UK without the hassle of having a sponsorship letter. People from information technology, business, and different sectors will benefit from this. If they are hired,  they can go, work and later on settle in the UK. We can say it is an “easy passage” for proficient ones.

This visa route will also benefit the UK economy. Only in 2019, £1.1 trillion revenue was generated through hiring 3.2 million skilled people. Foreign talent has always been of great benefit to the UK economy and the numbers are likely to boost up in coming years.

There is no information yet about what the visa will cost or other social benefits this visa will include. Also, there is no issued information about if a person can bring his family on this visa. Hopefully,  there will be good news. The main purpose of this visa is to ease up the process to skim worldwide talent and bring them to the UK.

How to apply for a Scale-up visa

UK Scale-up visa  is a point-based immigration system. So if a person fulfills the criteria, he can apply. Applicants could be from any sector and as long as the applicant has a job offer from a growing company, he is eligible.

Other than a job letter and a job offer of a minimum £33,000 salary, a person has to pass IELTS too. There is no quota announced yet for a scale-up visa so this is like a free pool. If you can get it,  go get it!.

After having a visa,  a person will be allowed to migrate to the UK for up to 36 months. The visa can then be further extended upon extension request. The duration spent during the scale-up visa will be counted as a requirement for settlement to gain Uk immigration status and citizenship.

Can a Scale-up visa be switched?

If you fall in the criteria for another visa,  you can switch from a scale-up visa. This means you are allowed to change your employment also. If you change your work line to a non-scale-up company you can apply for a skilled worker visa. Similarly, if you have completed five years,  you can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

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