The application process and checklist for UK spouse visa applications is easier than it seems. Getting a UK visa is straightforward if your partner is already a British citizen. You are required to live in the UK for 5 years on a Spouse Visa before applying for ILR and UK citizenship.

What is the application process for a UK spouse Visa?

A person can apply for a spouse, partner, or fiancé Visa in the UK embassy. When a spouse gets a UK visa, he/she is allowed to do studies or a job in the UK. The UK spouse visa processing time is up to 3 months. In some cases, the process may take up to 6 months.

Where do I send supporting documents for a UK spouse visa?

You will apply through the application form to gov.UK for a visa. After applying you can set an online biometrics appointment by yourself. UKVI will handle all your processing. When the home office or British high commission grant the visa, the spouse can stay in the UK for 33 months. The visa can then be extended for another 30 months. Once the duration is passed, the applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain before applying for UK green card.

In the case of divorce, divorce doesn’t directly affect the UK visa of a spouse. Different factors are taken into consideration. If the spouse has not yet applied for indefinite leave to remain, the UK government may take partner approval to let the spouse stay.

If a person is applying for a fiancé visa, they can marry in the UK and then apply to switch to Spouse Visa.

Checklist for UK spouse visa application

Before applying for a UK spouse Visa, you will have to submit all these documents to the UK visa and immigration department. The UK spouse visa document checklist includes:

  • An up-to-date passport. An expired passport or passport that needs renewal will cause a delay in the process. You will  be required to submit your previous passports.
  • Proof (documents and photographs) that you have a genuine relationship with the person for whom you are applying. Fiancé Visa is relatively easy to get. So if you want a quicker process, you can apply for the fiancé visa and later on switch to a Spouse Visa.
  • Two passport size photographs of your spouse.
  • Documents proving that you have a minimum earning of £18,600 yearly income to support the stay of your spouse. If you have one child, the minimum requirement is £22,400. For every additional child, you need £24,00. You do not need to prove income for children who are already British citizens.
  • For a fiancé visa, the applicant also needs to show an £18,600 yearly earning. If the income does not match the spouse Visa requirements, applicants can include saving funds too. Also, if the spouse is permitted for state benefits, there is no obligation to prove the required income.
  • To get a UK spouse visa, the spouse needs to pass the required English language proficiency test. Only a spouse who is above 65 years of age or has a disability is exempt from this requirement.
  • You also need to provide proof of residence that you can accommodate your spouse.

What to do if a UK spouse Visa is refused?

One of the most common reasons for spouse Visa rejection is being unable to meet financial requirements. You can appeal or reapply if your Spouse visa application is refused. The appeal is made within 28 days of visa rejection. If the applicant does not get the right to appeal, they can re-apply for a UK spouse visa.

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