What is a Sole Representative Visa? Application Process & Checklist for sole representative visa

A UK Sole Representative Visa allows minority shareholders or senior employees of a company to open a franchise in the UK. Sole representation is an expansion of business for the benefit of both the business owners and the UK economy. Sole representation is an expansion of business for the benefit of both the business owners and the UK economy.

The Benefits of the Sole representative Visa

The Uk is one of the world’s largest economies and business is booming. There are a lot of opportunities for overseas employees to come and settle in the UK.  Some of the benefits of a sole representative visa include

  • It allows non-UK citizens to expand their business to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.
  • A sole representative visa saves the initial cost of setting up the business. How? Because it allows a senior person to come and assess the opportunities before actually entering the market. This saves a lot of cost and time otherwise wasted on market research and time needed to set up the business.
  • This visa allows the applicants and dependants to stay in the UK for three years. The visa can be extended for the next two years.
  • A sole representative visa allows the applicants and dependants to gain UK citizenship after 5 years of residency. The applicant can then have British nationality after one year.
  • This visa also allows people to create job opportunities for the other UK and non-UK citizens.

Who can apply for a sole representative Visa?

  • Any Non -UK citizen who wants to set up their business in the UK can apply for this Visa.
  • Citizens outside European Economic Area(EEA).
  • Owners who want to set up or own the business branch in the UK.
  • People already working in the UK for the long term and want to set up a business.
  • However, the business must not intend to centralize its operation in Uk. The main branch and operations must stay outside the UK or a business visa will be dismissed. Also if the company has already operations in the UK,  they can’t apply for a sole representative visa. An applicant can’t work for himself or switch to other employment. In case of leaving the company or switching to another Visa,  the status of sole representative visa will be dismissed.

Duration of the Sole Representative Visa

Initially, the UK Sole Representative Visa is granted for a duration of three years. However, it is allowed to extend the visa by fulfilling the requirements set out by UKVI. A period of two years is granted as a form of visa extension. After this time, the applicants are able to apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

The Application Requirements for a UK Sole Representative Visa are

  • A person applying for a visa must not be a UK citizen and has no existing operating business in the UK.
  • The business must not have any other branch or representation in the UK.
  • A person must be employed as a non-UK citizen.
  • Applicants must have a thorough knowledge of related business and Industry.
  • The person applying for a visa must be a senior worker with a full attorney to run and take business decisions in the UK branch.
  • Applicants must have less than 50% share in a company.
  • The person will be bound to work for the business only and can’t take other jobs. Neither he can work for himself.
  • Applicants must have enough finances to show they can own and run branches in the UK. They will not be eligible to use social funds for business purposes.
  • If the applicant doesn’t have a degree acceptable by UK NARIC, he will have to pass IELTS for a sole representative visa UK.

Checklist for Sole Representative Visa

Along with passports,  your documents, and pictures, UK sole representative visa documents include:

  • Full detail of your company. This includes asset details, finances, how the business operates, and the activity log of the company.
  • Affidavit proving that the applicant will set up the business under the same company and will work as their employee and representative.
  • Full business details of applicant including his salary, contract, and job description.
  • Letter of attorney to confirm that person can take business decisions on behalf of a company.
  • Documents proving that the applicants hold less than 50% share in a company. If a person has more shares, he will need to sell them and provide evidence of selling shares to gain the visa.
  • The applicant must also prove that he is hired by said company to expand their business and is not their sales agent or taking a fee to promote business in the UK.
  • Document proving that person was hired outside the UK and will be full-time working for the business only.
  • A full plan of your travel and business operations.

Why Choose UK Residency for Sole Representative Visa?

At UK Residency, Our clients get their visa approval in 60 days which is a fast response rate. So we offer our client 100% success rate. We are the leading immigration firm in the United Kingdom dispensing global mobility goals to families, entrepreneurs and multinational companies. We help you in expanding your business to the United Kingdom and be the Sole Representative of your Company.

What is the sole representative Visa UK success rate?

If all the documents are in-line, the sole representative visa has a high success rate. However, if you are unable to satisfy the criteria, the application might be rejected. In that case, you can apply for administrative review within 28 days. Administrative review means that some representatives will go through the “already made decision”. This is not equal to appeal.

Also if the administrative review is not in your favor, you can go for either judicial review or can reapply for the Visa. Judicial review is a complex process and one must not initiate it without full legal advice from within and outside the UK.

At UK Residency, We ensure you 100% Success Rate. Our Clients are moving to the UK in a short period of time. we Satisfy our clients by making them a Genuine Business Plan with financial projections forecasting and prepare them For interview/Pitch Deck as well.

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Good Luck for UK Visa Application 2022!!!

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