Health and Care Worker Visa Category has been launched in August 2020 which is open to qualified nurses, health professionals of all nationalities and qualified doctors. Before applying for Health and Care Worker Visa, we should understand some basic requirements about it. Our Dependants can also apply or stay with you in the UK.

How do I apply for a Health and Care Worker Visa ?

Applications for Health and Care Worker Visas are available using an online application form. You need to apply online from abroad or inside the UK. After submitting an application, you will have to enroll for biometrics at a nearby visa application centre. After submitting below mentioned documents, your processing application will take time up to 3 weeks.

Documents to submit for Health and Care Worker Visa

  • Evidence of your personal savings for supporting yourself in the United Kingdom.
  • Tuberculosis tests results.
  • You must show a criminal record certificate for your UK Health and Care worker visa
  • You should work for a UK employer.
  • You must have an appointment letter from your UK employer.

What are the basic requirements for a Health and Care Worker Visa dependent partner?

You need to satisfy UK Visas and immigration criteria in order to become eligible as a partner of a Health and Care Worker Visa that:

  • Your age should be 18 years old or above;
  • Your partner should have a Health and Care Worker visa or he/she must be applying for entry clearance;
  • Your relationship must be genuine;
  • You must live with your partner in the UK throughout the entire stay;


For further details, Contact UK Residency Team at (+44) 7898641255 and apply for your Health and Care worker visa. Our team is available 24/7 at your service. Our Team has demonstrated quick results for all kinds of visa applications. You can contact our Dubai office at +971 54 352 6733.  We have expert immigration barristers and specialists to deal with your visa application promptly.

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