Thousands of overseas businesses are currently eyeing the United Kingdom to penetrate the new markets and avail the brightest and the most promising opportunities to grow. The UK holds a prominent position among the European Union. Being the most Western country with the main language same as that of the defacto international business language, there are plenty of reasons for established enterprises and start-ups to look at the merry old England.

Ideal for businesses looking to plant their roots in Europe
The United Kingdom is considered an easy and safe distribution hub for trade and commerce. It connects Europe to North America and businesses to the right human resources throughout Europe. Opening a branch office in the United Kingdom is ideal for businesses looking to plant their roots in Europe. The majority of the companies looking to expand their operations beyond the borders prefer the United Kingdom over anywhere else in Europe.

Wide pool of resources and opportunities
The widest pool of resources and opportunities makes the United Kingdom a fertile ground for start-ups and established businesses. It provides them access to suppliers and customers. It is easier to trade when your business is rooted in the United Kingdom.

When your business is based in the UK, you can import and export products duty-free within Europe. That’s not all. The United Kingdom has maintained free and preferential agreements with a variety of countries outside Europe.

Convenient tax rules, laws, and regulations
While locating a particular country, companies need to consider various key factors including laws, regulations, and tax rules. Attractive tax rates and regulations for overseas companies planning to open a branch office make the UK ideal for overseas investors. To attract legitimate overseas companies, the United Kingdom has been offering a 20% corporate tax rate, research and development tax credits, indirect taxation, patent box, significant advice, and support from the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Access to the second largest labour force in Europe
The UK has a lot of highly-skilled individuals looking to work for a multitude of businesses. Companies looking to establish a subsidiary in the UK can benefit from the second largest labour force in Europe. Access to flexible labour markets allows overseas companies to put together a qualified team that suits their needs and outsource operations such as IT support and more.

Overseas entrepreneurs can benefit from programs created to provide overseas businesses assistance with finances, affordable Intellectual Property Rights Procedures (IPR), visa, immigration incentives, and ease to transition to the UK.

The government has been investing in various energy, water, transport infrastructure, science, and telecom projects to attract overseas IT companies. Tech start-ups from all across the world recognise the growth opportunities in the UK and are ready to pounce.
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