The UK really wants some sort of trade-off with India, for which it is willing to provide hundreds of work visas to Indians, who are interested in coming to Britain to pursue different job opportunities.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, UK international trade secretary, has an agenda for her visit to Delhi this month. The immigration process for the skilled workers to be made easier is of top priority during this visit.

Another proposal is similar to the one which was agreed upon with Australia, which would allow young individuals from India to move to the UK and live and work there for up to three years. There would also be a cut on the visa fees for students, an additional favor from the government, where they could stay in Britain even after they have graduated. The tourism and work visas, which cost was around £1,400, would also be made for economical.

Post-Brexit, the UK has struggled to find its footing in different sectors of the industry. A mutual agreement with India, involving a revised points-based immigration system and prioritizing the skilled and educated workers is a possible win for them both.

Why the UK wants an agreement with India?

India is on its way to creating a massive workforce and having no bilateral trade deals with neither EU nor US, is a potential opportunity for the UK to explore post-Brexit. Moreover, a large population of Indians is already living in the UK since the partition of the sub-continent.

Are Indians eager to come work in the UK?

The majority of the people migrating to the UK are Indians. They were the top candidates in skilled-worker visa application acceptance in 2020 and were placed in highly paid roles as well; especially in the IT sector.

For immigrants, healthcare is also an important sector to land jobs in. More than 32,000 Indians are working in National Health Services (NHS). With the new variant, omicron, there is a shortage of staff in NHS which will hopefully be filled with Indian immigrants.

UK is short-staffed in different fields and is willing to make cuts and sacrifices to accommodate resources from India along with allowing them to stay in the UK after graduation, which benefits the UK. They get an out-of-university workforce to work in its different sectors.

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