In Spring 2022, a new Global Mobility Route is expected to be launched and is anticipated to change the dynamic of how overseas businesses transfer their employees to the UK. This particular route will bring in an Intra-company Transfer visa and the International Agreement Visa and other such schemes. This will be beneficial for both businesses that operate from and outside the UK. The main agenda of this new scheme is to permit employees to be sent to the UK on a temporary term basis by the overseas businesses, where the UK resident workers are unable to take the work on.

Why create the Global Mobility Route?

A policy paper, named ‘The UK’s points-based immigration system: sponsorship roadmap’ was published in August of 2021 by the Home Office. This contained a mention of the new Global Mobility route in process for the benefit of overseas businesses who wanted to establish a set-up in the UK. This was to be launched under the sponsorship program in the Spring of 2022. The sponsorship program would be smoother and easier with the help of the improvements made, for the overseas business to manage their workforce appointed in the UK.

Criteria for application for Global Mobility Visa

While the exact details, rules, and regulations, have not been confirmed per se, but there is some information made available in the MAC’s report.

The visa will be made available to the following:

  • Overseas business with set-up in the UK: This would include the skilled workers, the senior executives, and the graduate trainees needed by the UK for different programs.
  • Businesses with no set-up in the UK: Specialists or senior staff members, service suppliers, and people of similar working capacity who want to expand their connections into the UK.

Any specific aspects of the Global Mobility Visa?

While the new aspects of the visa are a combination of the business-related visa arrangements, the new additions are as follows:

  • With the new team subsidiary path, up to five people would be able to apply for the overseas business visa including senior executive and the additional team members.
  • The applicants coming to the UK need to provide the reason for their visit, which still needs to be seen how this predicament will follow through.
  • A minimum income requirement, a minimum of up to 3 years of stay in the UK, and a permanent settlement route for senior management workers are expected to be set up under the Global Mobility Rule for 2022.

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