What is a UK residency and how do I get my UK residency permit?

 Being a UK resident classifies that a person is a citizen of the United Kingdom and has not left the UK from long period of time.  Therefore, the United Kingdom would be classed as his first home.

How you get a UK residence depends mainly on which route you are applying. In general, there are two types of residencies. The temporary residence and the permanent residence. Before applying for permanent residence in the UK,  you have to live as a temporary residence. 

You will have to live for 5 years in the United Kingdom to be eligible for permanent UK residency. The permanent residence allows non-citizens to live in the UK and own the rights such as medical, insurance, and social funds till they are permanent citizens. It also allows them to work in the UK and they can apply for dependents such as a spouse or family to come to the UK. 

A person has to live in the UK for 5 years without leaving to apply for permanent UK residency. Swiss and EU citizens, however, can register for permanent citizenship after living for 2 years in the UK.

Also, there is a difference between permanent residence, indefinite leave to remain, and settled status. They all require a 5 year period to stay in the UK but PR is granted to EU,  EEA, and Swiss citizens. Settled status is granted to EU nationals and Indefinite leave to remain is a UK resident permit for both non-EU nationals and EU citizens. All three statuses lead to UK permanent citizenship. 

How to apply for UK residency? 

To apply for permanent residence,  you have to prove that you have been living in the UK without leaving the country.  A Person has to provide his insurance number which is mostly written on pay slips. This proof must cover 5 months of each year for consecutive 5 years. If you are unemployed you have to submit relevant documents to fill the gaps. 

For UK permanent residence documents, a person will apply for settled status first. After maintaining PR for one year,  the person can then apply for permanent citizenship. 

Is there any Difference between permanent residence and permanent citizenship?

Yes, there is a difference between permanent residence and permanent citizenship. The permanent residence gives you the right to apply for citizenship. After living in the UK for 12 months on permanent residence,  a person becomes eligible to apply for permanent citizenship aka a British green card. In short, PR is your way to a green card. 

What is a biometric residence permit?

A biometric residence permit is your identity proof. It shows that you have the right to live, study, have social benefits and work in the UK for longer than 6 months. A person can apply for a biometric residence permit if he intends to apply for PR later on.

What is an advantage of having PR in the UK? 

Once you have Permanent residence, you are eligible for 

  • British citizenship which will allow you to gain full rights without the restrictions of leaving the UK. 
  • You can live and work in the UK for an unlimited period. 
  • Have access to medical and free education in the government. Institutions. 
  • You will have no work restrictions. This will also liberate citizens who were living in the UK on sponsored work visas. 
  • It gives you rights to social security benefits and pensions. 
  • One can sponsor a family to come and live in the UK. The family includes spouses, partners, and unmarried children under the age of 21.
  • Your future children will be considered British citizens. 

How do I get my UK residency passport? 

You will submit an online application for a UK passport. The home department will grant you a UK passport and only they can decide if you are eligible or not. If 

  • you have been consistently living in Uk 
  • Are a good citizen
  • Abide by-laws
  • Above 18 years of age

You can get a British passport that will give you full rights to reap the benefits of UK citizenship. 

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