The Life in the UK test 2022 is a CBT Constituting one of the requirements for anyone seeking Indefinite leave to remain in the UK or admittance of a foreigner as a British citizen.

Uk test meant to prove that the applicant has a sufficient knowledge of British life and sufficient proficiency in the English Language basically test is a requirement under the Nationality, Immigration & Asylum Act 2002.


Anyone applying for British citizenship or to settle in the UK must take the Life in the UK Test, Unless you qualify under one of the following exemptions:

  1. Applicant under 18 or over 65 years age.
  2. He/she have a long-term physical or mental condition, which you must confirm with a letter from a doctor.
  3. If applicant have already pass the test e.g. as part of your ILR application, then he/she will not need to take the test again for your citizenship application. You will instead submit your Life in the UK test certificate as proof you have qualified the mandatory requirement.

How to prepare for Life in the UK test?

The test is Computer-Based Test (CBT) and it consists of 24 MCQS for 45 minutes duration about the British customs, tradition political system & geography.

Applicant have to answer correctly at least 18 questions to pass the test i.e. passing criteria is 75%.After result of the test applicant will be issued either a pass or fail certificate.

Applicant must remember to take proof of identity and address to the test center, you should allow 2 hours for the entire process, including identity checks on arrival and 45 minutes for the test itself.

Applicant will be tested on information in the official handbook for the Life in the UK Test i.e.

  1. UK History.
  2. The British Government.
  3. UK Geography, Local Culture
  4. Practice English words.

All questions in the test are taken at random from the handbook. It also contains sample questions and answers for practicing  which helpful  to  effective in improving the test pass rates.


Where you can take the test?

“There are around 30 life in the UK test centers throughout the country. You will be able to select one of the closest to where you live otherwise you will not be able to take the test outside the specified centers”.

What will you do when pass the test?

“ After passing the life in the UK test you will use the life in the UK pass certificate to proceed with your application for ILR or Citizenship.

How much Fee of the life in the UK test & expiry?

“ The life in the Uk test fees cost around £50 which is non-refundable if you fail to pass the test. Applicant must book online for the Life in the UK test at least 3 days in advance fees cost £50 in around 30 centers of Life in the Uk test in UK. The life in the UK test certificate has no expiry date and can be used for all future immigration applications”.

What Happens after you fail the Test?

“ If applicant fail to pass the test then he will lose test fees which is non-refundable he will be able to retake the test after 7 days and there is no limit on the number of attempt you can take. Otherwise, applicant will not be able to process application for naturalization as a British Citizenship or for indefinite leave to remain until pass the Life in the UK Test.

Furthermore, if applicant current leave to remained expired or is closed to expiring dates then he must pass the test or may have to seek alternative leave to ensure remain lawfully present in the UK and avoid illegal shelter.

Procedure for book the life in the Uk Test?

Applicant must book the life in the UK test online prior to 3 days before sitting in the test. You will need a valid e-mail address and a debit or credit card to pay the advance fees to book for the test. You will also need to confirm your following ID below:

  1. Passport.(Must be up-to date)
  2. Approved Travel Document. (Must be up to date)
  3. EU identity card. (Must be up-to date)
  4. Immigration status documents endorsed with a Uk residence permit on a passport with a photo or;
  5. Biometric Residence permit. (must be up-to date)

“you need to bring the same ID document you used when booking online for the life in the UK test otherwise you will not allowed to sit in the test or make a refund”.

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